Your models deployed and infinitely scaled,
in 4 steps.

Talamus deploys your models and exposes an API within minutes.
Integrate your API in production systems and monetise today.

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Manage your models live in production, and all from one place.

In 4 easy steps, your algorithms are exposed to millions of users. Based on load demand, our platform scales, hosts and maintains your backend in automated fashion. All served from our private cloud. Monetise your algorithms and models today.



Quickly open your private repository.

Whether you're in need of hosting a simple script, an actuarial or econometrical model, or be it an advanced deep model, our platform has got you covered.



Upload your model. Either navigate to the Web UI or use our command line interface.

Your code remains your intellectual property at all times.



Generate and manage your authtentication keys. Each key has their own specific call rate. Easily manage who has access.

All trafic is encrypted for safe communication.



Directly call and integrate your Whitelabeled API into existing systems.

Based on the load scaling is done with the end-user unaware.


You name it, we have you covered.

Our servers are framework agnostic. We currently support languages such as R, C++, Matlab, Python, Golang, Rust and Java. Frameworks such as Torch, PyTorch, Keras, Tensorflow. We continuously improve our platform to be on the bleeding edge. Something not there? Let us know!

Quickly open your private repository within the minute. Our servers are working for you. Able to serve millions of user every minute, a repository by default comes with:


Quickly boot up your private repositories. Either in the UI or through the CLI.


All repositories are GPU-enabled.

Multimodal input

We support numeric, text, image, video and streaming input.


While in production, easily deploy new versions of your model without the end-user aware of anything going on.

Shared repositories

Collaborate on repositories and manage access of teammembers to your repository.

Easy credentials management

Manage authentication credentials for your API's all in one place. Easily manage which developers and which end-user have access to your repositories.

Versioned code maintenance

All repositories are maintained in versioned fashion.

Detailed performance reports

We provide you with intelligent intel about the performance of your repositories.

All endpoints are whitelabeled.

With all endpoints whitelabeled your work remains truly yours.

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